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As we all know the world of ecommerce has grown exponentially over the last years thanks to the fact that more and more people are now exclusively shopping online. One of the newest trends in the online business world are B2B businesses. These are businesses that sell directly to other businesses, which means that they have no contact with the final customer. However since business owners know how businesses work they will expect a lot more of you than regular customers may, which really only adds to the pressure. There’s always a big discussion about which are the top B2B Ecommerce platforms to use in Canada, and luckily there are a ton of amazing choices to pick from. Today we are going to discuss three of our top favorites, so definitely make sure to keep reading and grab a pen and a notepad and start taking notes.


If you are after a platform that will make your store look professional, while still being stylish, then this is definitely the platform for you. Opencart is a platform from that is incredibly simple to set up, has a ton of templates that are incredibly responsive as well as some amazing designs, and thanks to the intuitive interface you won’t need to have a lot of knowledge in order to be able to sell with this platform.

A great future that comes with this platform is the ability for you to create different user groups where you can give particular rights and offers to certain customers according to their exact needs. Something else that you will be able to do is select a specific shipping method for a particular seller which can be very useful. Catalog module configuration, direct communications between the admin and the customer, the ability to send template based emails are also features that you will get.


If you’re looking for a platform that is very powerful, and this is probably one of the top B2B platforms in Canada when it comes to that. This website builder will help you create an amazing e-commerce, while saving you time as well as resources that you will then be able to put into other aspects of your business.The platform comes with an entire set of tools that are very out of the box and very comprehensive which will allow for an easier building of the ecommerce, and you will also have the ability to access and connect with your audience through several different social channels. Something that really sucks this part from the side is the fact that it will give you all the necessary tools to build a website that is very stylish and responsive at the same time. Some of the other features include things like advanced shipping methods, quick re-orders, quick integration with your systems and so on.


If you want to find a platform that will allow you to scale your business, then this is probably the one for you because it is particularly easy to extend thanks to all of the add-ons that also extend the functionality of the ecommerce. Something that is special about this platform is the fact that a part from it benefiting B2B businesses, it will also be a perfect match for B2C businesses as well. What’s great about it is that all of your B2B clients will be able to select multiple products at once and create their orders very quickly and effortlessly, which will reflect very well on your business.Some of the other

functionalities include things like securing the confidential information of your clients, an increase in conversion rates, incredible customer support and much more. The ecommerce platform that you’re using will make all of the difference in the way that your business runs and the efficiency with which it works, so getting the one that has all of the features that you and your business need is crucial. The platforms that we spoke of above are definitely some of the top B2B platforms that you can be working with in Canada right now, so we definitely hope that this article has encouraged you to check them out and see if they are the perfect fit for your business.