While every entrepreneur is concentrating on B2C e-commerce, they are failing to consider the potential in the B2B sector. More investors are setting up businesses. As each business diversify a need to do business with other ventures is rising. In fact, the B2B e-commerce contributed up to $7.7 trillion sales in 2017. These sales were triple those of B2C that only scored $2.4 trillion.

With this information, you can approve that investing in the B2B niche can be the right bet. However, your success relies on the B2B e-commerce platform that you house your store. As a leading platform in the online store, Shopify introduced a plan to enhance business to a business transaction in 2017- Shopify Plus. But is this a good option for wholesalers and resellers to build their stores? Read on to get an answer.

Gives your B2B customers similar experience with the B2C ones

Whether you are dealing with consumer products or solutions for other businesses, customer experience is universal. The feeling a customer will get from your store will determine their course of action. If it is poor, a second visit would be a dream, and the opposite is true. In understanding this aspect, Shopify plus comes with features that allow you to offer your B2B customers the same experience your B2C clients are getting. By this, you can attract more customers leading to high sales.

Gated wholesale solutions

Probably, you are running an online store serving both consumers and other businesses. Or else, you offer retail and wholesale services. If this is your case, you need to have separate business lines. You cannot offer your retail customers similar price with the wholesale ones. Also, you must enable them to do bulk ordering and transactions. The Shopify plus B2B e-commerce platform comes with gated wholesale solutions.

With it, you can create password protected storefronts for high volume buyers. The product listing at this front will only be visible to the bulky and wholesale customers. Thus, you can offer them a B2B customer experience.

Multiple payment gateways

One of the mistakes that can lead to loss of sales in your business is payment gateways. As you know, customers have a different opinion on this factor. Some businesses will favor PayPal. Others will prefer direct bank transaction while some will go for the platform-based payment gateways such as Shopify Pay. Hence, you must provide a freedom of choice. Shopify plus as a B2B e-commerce platform enables you to add more than 100 payment gateways. Thus, your customers can use their preferred payment gateway to transact with you.

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