It is indisputable that having the right B2B e-commerce platform is the first step to your online success. The platform defines how long your business will be available. Also, it determines the customer experiences, navigability, and product listing. Given that the B2B commerce is complex than the B2C, you need a platform that will up your game and offer your buyers a deserving customer experience.

With the dawn of e-commerce, two platforms have popped up as the giants. Shopify Plus and Magento 2 enterprise are shaping the B2B e-commerce niche. As a newbie in this field, you might be wondering which option you should go with and one to avoid. In an attempt to help you make a wise decision, this article presents a review of the two platforms. Here it is:

Security features

Security is a crucial aspect when considering a B2B e-commerce platform. With the technological advancement, cybercrime is becoming a threat.

For this reason, you must assure your customers that their information is secure. Both Shopify plus and Magento 2 prioritizes the security aspect. The two platforms have several capabilities that enable you to keep your customer data secured. They have hosted platforms which means they are responsible for your site security. For Magento 2, you have an opportunity to add third-party security solutions to protect your site from malware. In contrary, Shopify plus limits any modifications to ensure no threat to your data.

SEO optimization

Ranking better on the search engines is a universal requirement. Whether you are selling consumer products or in B2B business, your search must be searchable and well-positioned in the search results. As you might be aware of the platform housing, your store has a crucial role in optimization. Both B2B e-commerce platforms – Shopify plus and Magneto 2 – have an array of SEO optimization tools. Also, the two allows you to create a blog to harness your ranking. Nevertheless, Magneto 2 has more SEO optimization capabilities compared with Shopify Plus.

Setting up cost

Cost is another thing you need to consider in B2B e-commerce platform selection. You need a platform that lies within your budgetary limitations. Since the Magneto 2 is an open source platform, it is a bit complex. Hence, you need a backup of developers to set up the online store for you which will need a huge budget. On the other hand, Shopify plus is a hosted option. Thus, it is easy for any person to create a B2B storefront and start selling immediately.

In a word, you have the opportunity to choose the best B2B e-commerce platform for you. Your choice will rely on the above factors.